How to Win Customers in an Increasingly Crowded Marketplace

Have you noticed a shifting in the marketing landscape? Businesses still need to promote their products and services, that hasn’t changed. But people’s perception of marketing messages and the way those messages are delivered, certainly has. Sophisticated consumers and multiple marketing channels pose a marketing challenge to businesses large and small. First, today’s consumers are … Read more

5 Steps to Crushing Your Goals

At the end of each year, most people make meaningful resolutions for what they would like to achieve in the New Year. They start the year off strong, yet if you ask them in February they most likely have already given up on their resolution. Don’t believe me? Join a gym for the New Year … Read more

Why Your Brand Should Be Storytelling on Facebook

If you are still thinking Facebook is only for posting dog or cat photos, wedding plans or break-up rants; sit down, I have to throw some numbers at you. It goes without saying that Facebook is a behemoth – it has over 2 billion monthly users. And yes, it’s a center of social activity for … Read more

10 Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid

Better stories mean better engagement. Here’s a handy infographic of 10 common yet critical storytelling mistakes that you can use as a checklist when crafting stories for your business. Want to learn to use storytelling in your business to build a more meaningful relationship with your ideal buyers? Read the bestselling book, Don’t Sell Me, … Read more

storytelling in business is good for you

Scientists Agree: Storytelling in Business is Good for You

Will Keith Kellogg had an interest in medicine and wanted to assist his brother, a doctor who ran the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, with patients and their diets. While conducting research with his brother and helping cook meals for the patients, a bout of forgetfulness turned into a discovery that would change millions of … Read more

16 Lessons I Learned after 16 Weeks on the Bestseller List

My book, Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me: How to use storytelling to connect with the hearts and wallets of a hungry audience, just crossed 16 weeks 22 weeks as #1 Best Seller in its category. Looking back, it was not a smooth or direct path, and there were a lot of “lessons” learned. I have … Read more