The Art of Storytelling for Business

PICTURE THIS: The room goes dark. Everyone gets silent, and the only sound you hear is the rustle of popcorn.

The studio logo fades up on screen, and you smile in trusting anticipation.

Then you are taken on a journey. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, it might make you think. It might last for 5 minutes or it might hold you for two hours.

But when the credits roll, you are not in the same place as you were before.

You feel, somehow, changed.

And everyone will say they had a slightly different experience. Yet they had a shared experience.

The first time I was able to help people feel that connection, I was honored.

I was also hooked.

Since then, my films have entertained audiences from New York to Los Angeles, from Toronto to Miami, from Sonoma to Puerto Rico and from Buffalo to Muskogee, Oklahoma.

When I first started, I edited stories on film, cut by hand.

Today they are told on screens that you hold in your hand.

But the most amazing thing is, you don’t have to be a big studio to tell a big story. And you don’t have to be creating entertainment to be a storyteller.

You can do it your self. You can use storytelling in your business.

In fact, from my experience that might be the smartest thing you can do for your business.

With more than 30+ years as a visual storyteller and marketer, I’ve found that if you apply the right storytelling structure, tools and techniques, any small business, consultant, entrepreneur or coach can create a compelling connection with their ideal audience.

Better stories = More loyal audience = Increased revenue

Simple concept, but not always easy.

95% of businesses I see struggle to tell an effective story. Unwittingly this:

  • Forces them to spend more on expensive advertising
  • Keeps their conversions painfully low
  • Prevents them from ever creating raving fans
  • And ultimately, it hurts profitability more than you know.

But then there are the businesses that do this well. They see exponential growth. They get media coverage and spread via word-of-mouth.


As humans we’re wired for stories… Yet storytelling and marketing your brand with your story is not a common skill.

But I’m here to let you in on a secret:

Creating and Communicating a Compelling Story is Your Ultimate Business Growth Tool

Over the last few decades I’ve helped businesses separate themselves from their competition by creating and marketing an effective story.

The reason I founded my company was to help business owners break free of saying the same thing over and over, sounding like everyone else, and never getting results.

It’s my goal to see you get out of the dark and start making better connections.

  • To differentiate yourself
  • To build a base of raving fans
  • To break through the plateau and see your revenue grow

The time to rewrite your story is now.

And I’m here to assist you on your journey.


Greg Koorhan
Filmmaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Co-Founder, Crossbow Studio
Host of Savvy Filmmakers Mastermind

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Let's make yours a success story.

My Manifesto:

Greg Koorhan
Filmmaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Host of Savvy Filmmakers Mastermind