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Most Filmmakers have No Idea How to Market their Work

It's time to stop "waiting for permission" to be a successful storyteller.

Create A Compelling Brand

Treat your craft as a business, just like the big boys.

Build Your Audience

Learn how to get your stuff in front of more people

Grow Your Profits

Take control over your own creative career!

The Book

A step-by-step guide for creating an unbeatable connection with your most profitable audience.

Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner
Don't Sell Me, Tell Me

22 Weeks on the Bestseller List!

Cindy Falteich

Author, Screenwriter

He shares the essentials of story-telling in a format that's easy to understand and quick to read. If you give him an evening, he'll change your paradigm on marketing for a lifetime.

Michael Davis

The Speaking MD

Of the many storytelling books I've read, this is one of the best.

Beth Banning

Incite Coaching Academy

With all the sales and marketing books out there these days it's nice when you find one that is rich with content and also really shifts the focus of sales... back into the idea of telling the truth and creating relationships.

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